Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bianca Ahmadi – Eyes on Gowanus

Eyes on Gowanus is a collaborative experiment based on photographic exploration of Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood. A group of ten strangers spend a recent afternoon shooting digital and film photography together on the streets of Gowanus. Afterward, each participant selected photographs to be included in an album compiled by the artist. The album is presented as part of a desk tableau inside the gallery, creating an inviting place for visitors to take a seat, go through the images, and enjoy the many different viewpoints captured that day.


Bianca Ahmadi

Mara Auster

Jamie Courville

Joanna Gangemi

Chris Lucas

B.Q. Nguyen

Maria Pusateri

Erica Reade

Chris Reynolds

Juan Rubio

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  1. I love this. How did I not know about this? Our studio is in Gowanus -- our 2nd EP is called Gowanus Sessions. Awesome site. (Our band is called Dimestore Scenario.)