Saturday, March 6, 2010

Juan David Gonzalez-Monroy – The Dead Whale: Message from the afterlife.

In 2007 a one-year-old Minke whale died in the Gowanus Canal in NY. It was identified as NY 3673-07 but nicknamed Sludgy by the locals. In February 2010 I received a package from the whale. It contained four 16mm film loops and specific instructions for their projection. The message stated that the loops should be played during three days, one loop per day. In Accordance to the whale’s wishes I will go to the gallery each morning and play the corresponding loop. As per the instructions la images on each loop will degrade and gradually disappear. As a sign of good will on each day I will leave an offering for the whale. On the third day I will perform a ritual by the projection to let the whale know that its message has been received. This will bring back harmony between our different worlds.

Post Scriptum: The whale wishes not to be referred to as either Sludgy or NY 3673-07. Its true name, however, I am not at liberty to reveal at this time.

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  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for honoring the whale this way. (Hope that doesn't sound like I'm being facetious. I love this. I would like to see it.